DC Motor – Usage

The adaptation of an electric motor of direct current for a certain use also depends on its construction, which is characteristic of the selection process. There are many types of DC motors:

– Permanent magnet motor: this type of motor has a permanent magnet embedded inside it, ie the stator. They have constant speed with variable load, zero slip and excellent starting torque.        82507500 leeson motors

– Compound Winding Motor: This motor is designed with composite winding coils for constant speed utilizations that need higher torque.

– Bypass motor: these motors have minimum speed variation across the load range and can be adjusted for stable power in an adjustable speed range. They are availed in situations where we need exact speed and torque control.

– Series winding motor: these motors bring high starting torques to permanently connected loads, essential to avoid damage in high speed conditions.

– Non-core motor: These motors bring together a cylindrical winding that is physically outside the permanent magnet assembly. Because they have laminated winding and do not have iron cage, DC motors without core have much lower inertia.