Advantages of Wheel Drive Motors

Brake-type electric motors are designed to be used in equipment where shutdowns due to safety, positioning and economy are necessary. We find this type of motor in machine tools, graphic machines, winders, conveyors, cranes, bottling and drying machines, among others.

The electric motor of the brake type is an asynchronous three-phase induction motor with squirrel cage rotor, with 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles, with power range 1/12 to 50 hp, voltages 220/380, 440 or 220 / 380/440/760 V and single-disc brake coupled.

The advantages of this engine are:

– Insulation class F;

– Carcases with solid and robust construction in gray cast iron;

– Special paint with thermal class 150 ° C;

– Drain holes with removable plastic cap;

– Cable outlet protected with anti-fog foam;

– Brake with few moving parts; Morse 321316 40NP C/L S/C S/F

– The double-sided abutment with the brake disc forms a large friction surface;

– Brake cooled by the motor ventilation itself;

– Coil of electromagnet protected with epoxy resin;

– Super Bearings – Reinforced bearings designed to use equal bearings at the front and rear of the engine.