Energy and Mechanical Power

Even if the energy is only one, it is possible to be achieved in different ways, that is, if a resistance is connected to an electric grid with voltage, an electric current can pass that can heat the resistance, in turn, the resistance will be able to absorb energy and turn it into heat, which will also be a form of energy. An electric motor absorbs electrical power from the grid and turns it into available mechanical energy at the tip of the shaft. CA38112 M

The power is to measure the speed at which the energy is consumed or applied, so the energy expended or the effort made to bring a bucket from the bottom of a well to the surface is always the same, power will reflect the speed that this energy is applied to raise the bucket, however, the power is nothing more than the total energy realized divided by the total time for it to be produced. The unit used for mechanical power is Watt (W), however, the unit most commonly used for mechanical power is c.v., also known as horsepower, which is equivalent to 736W.