Existing single-phase voltage type engine

An electric motor can have a type called single-phase voltage which is the voltage measured between phase and neutral, this single phase motor is generally adapted to be connected to a network, or 127 volts or 220 volts, although rarely however, there are some places where the phase voltage may be 115 volts, 230 volts or 264 volts, in these cases should be applied for a specific engine and that these tensions type of engine is called a phase voltage which is the voltage measured at three stages.

These engines are the most used, since the single-phase motors are power-limited and can not be used in heavy machinery, in addition, provide lower yields and torques, and actually increasing the operating cost, in Brazil the three-phase voltages commonly used in market today are 220 volts, 380 volts and 440 volts baldor electric motors.

Why it is necessary to make a correct check of what is desired and what type of correct voltage to be installed due to the use of equipment with electric motor. ask magic 8 ball sap cloud