Inductive Component Circuits

If an inductor is connected to a specific source with alternating voltage, the constant variation of the applied voltage will instantly result in constant opposition by the inductor to the current flow.

As with capacitors, this opposition, known as inductive reactance can vary from two relevant factors, the first consists of the inductor inductance value and the second, refers to the frequency of the voltage applied by the generator. In an alternating current circuit, the voltage that is applied to an inductor presents the possibility of varying the current intensity.                Gates Rubber A26

If this type of element is used, the current must increase until it reaches a maximum value, and then, following the variations of the voltage, it must be reduced so that it can effect the reversal of the direction of circulation. If the inductor is smaller in size or has fewer turns, the magnetic field caused will have a small intensity, since its force will not be able to induce a larger current so that it can oppose the direct current circulation.