Machine Operation

It is worth emphasizing that when choosing the most appropriate starting method, the electric motor can have more than one application option. The motor stator is also composed of a ferromagnetic core laminated in its cavities, which are inserted the windings fed by the three-phase AC network. The main advantage of the rotor is related to the coiled rotor, resulting in the projection of the faster, more practical and cheaper armature. The conductor bars of the cage are placed with a necessary slope so that the noise and noise can be avoided, which can result in the electromagnetic action between the teeth of the stator and rotor cavities.                     4400 OLP

The squirrel cage rotor is made by a core of ferromagnetic sheets that are independent of each other, in which are placed some aluminum bars, arranged parallel to each other, and joined by their ends by two conducting rings, which are also schematized in aluminum, with the main function of causing a short circuit in the conductors.

The squirrel cage-type rotor motor is considered the most used in the industry, as it has advantages such as reduced cost, compared to single-phase motors, their construction as well as their use.