You cannot make a motor with permanent magnets

There are basically three types of electric motors the AC motor, DC motor, and the motor that is capable of handling the two functions, however an engine cannot function if it is built exclusively with permanent magnets.

Until it is easy to see, do not need to be an expert, because even when using a motor so the equipment will have its bad run this because there will be no initial torque to trigger the movement of the machine 6205 2RSJEM, even if they are already in their equilibrium positions, they just happened and will oscillate around that position, it is likely that they are able to function if they receive an initial external push.

More is needed than a pole change its polarity to ensure proper rotation of the rotor, however even if the permanent magnets are used constantly, usually small engines at least some of the magnets of an electric motor shall have electromagnets properly placed in its rotor thus ensures the operation. list of new sites site information server dns information .